Oscar Flores

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Oscar Flores

Place of Origin: Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut. Patagonia Argentina.

Oscar Flores started very young his artistic work. Since 1995 he has worked in theater, dance and model.

Since 1995, Oscar began working with foreign communities in his hometown. Thus, work on the Troupes, Arab and Spanish community and participate in occasions of troupes from other communities. While he is studying Dance and Flamenco.

Since 1999, Oscar begins to direct the Troupe of ACARA (Argentine-Arab Cultural Association of the city)

In 2001 he founded his first school dance and make their first Troupe AL Nadym ¨ With who works for three years, before moving to Buenos Aires to continue his career.

In 2003. After moving to Buenos Aires, he continued his studies in the school of Amir Thaleb , Saida, and other teachers from other disciplines, while continuing his studies of theater and musical comedy, with Pepe Cibrian.

Oscar, work in the Troupe of  Amir Thaleb until 2005, where he began to work and raise their new school in Buenos Aires.

In 2005, he opened his first studio in Buenos Aires, and in 2007 opened a school called Alkimiah.

In 2010 founded OF Studio and Alkimiah dance company, with whom he works until 2016, when Oscar moves to China, to continue his international career and work in BDC (Bellydance China)

During 2006-2015 Oscar has worked in the most important festivals in the world, as a dancer, Master Teacher and Jury dance competitions, performer, and making special programs for television in:























Outside the Arts, Oscar Flores, he has studied different careers, tertiary and university. As Mechanical Technician, Technician International Costumer, and studied Economist for Bank Management and Economics. He has also studied Coaching, Management of Companies, Marketing and Design.

He has worked over 10 years in the largest bank in Argentina, being one of the top executives of private banking.


1995. Winner of the contest, Youth theater.

1996. Director of the Initiative Group stage. DRACULA The musical ¨ 6 functions.

1997. Director of the Initiative Group stage. He writes and directs : ¨ El Pequeño Mundo de las cosas del Querer¨

1998. Director of the Initiative Group stage. He writes and directs  ¨eternal love story ¨ Show Theatre with dance

1999. Director of the Initiative Group stage. ¨ El Pequeño mundo de las Cosas del Querer ¨ Show Theatre with dance

2001. Director of Ballet Al Nadym. He writes and directs ¨ ¨ Eternal Flame ¨ Show Theatre with dance

2002. Director of Ballet Al Nadym wrote and directed ¨ the Garden of 1001 nights ¨ Show Theatre with dance ¨

2002. Director of Ballet Al Nadym. ¨East FIRES  ¨

2003. Director of Ballet Al Nadym. ¨East Fragrances ¨

2003. Director of Ballet Al Nadym. ¨Prince of Cairo  ¨

2004. Director of Ballet Al Nadym.  ¨ Al Nadym Show¨

2004. Director of Ballet Al Nadym.  ¨Passion of East ¨

2004. Director of Ballet Al Nadym.¨ Midnights runs east ¨

2005 Director of the Ballet Al Nadym. ¨  MOSAIC Oriental ¨ Theater with dance

2006 directs and writes ¨Bewitched ¨ (Buenos Aires) Show Theatre with dance

He Directs 2007. ¨ MOSAIC Oriental ¨ and performs a season of three months in Corrientes Street Bs.As.

2008 Directs ¨BellyDuets¨ with important dancers

2008. He wrote and directed ¨¨TEMPEST ¨Show Theatre with dance

2008 Directs ¨ Floresencial 2008. Directs Theatrical Show with dance

2008. GALA Alkimiah ¨

2009 Directs ¨ ¨ Mosaic Oriental 2 Show Theatre with dance

2009 Oriental International Tour MOSAIC 2¨

2010 Writes and Directs Theatrical Show ¨blossoming love with dance ¨

2010 tour Fleus Du ORIENT (Italy. Character Emperor Aurelian in the musical Zenobia)

2011 Italian Tour 2011 Zenobia (Italy, Musical Comedy)

2011 he wrote and directed ¨idilio, a Ghost ¨ Show with Dance Theatre

2011 Gala OF Studio

2012 Writes and directs ¨Song of the Sea¨ Show Theatre with dance ¨

2012 he wrote and directed ¨¨Blood kisses ¨ Show Theatre with dance

2012 Italian Tour ¨Mata Hari ¨ (Italy, Character Badim. Musical Comedy)

2013 Directs ¨ ¨ Mata Hari musical Italian Version Argentina. Theatrical show with dance

2013 Writes and directs ¨¨the Destiny ¨ Show Theatre with dance

2014 Italian Tour Federico garden II¨Comedia Musical in Italy

2014 Gala ¨ 20-year career of Oscar Flores ¨

2015 Italian Tour ¨ Gilgamesh¨ (Musical Comedy in Italy)

2015 GALA ¨farewell Oscar Flores of Argentina ¨

Since 2016 Oscar Flores settled in China, where it is based and continues to work around the world, in the most important events.

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